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August 14-15, 2012

PFI was invited to judge the pipe fitting portion of the international apprentice contest of the United Association of Plumber and Pipefitters. The contest was held at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor Michigan. George Stuller, PFI Labor Committee Chairman, was a judge representing the PFI and Mike Cables, PFI Vice-Chairman, was a judge representing the MCAA. The contest is held in conjunction with the UA instructor training program. The contest was a great success.


2015 PFI Annual Meeting & PFI/UA Labor Meeting

PFI Annual Meeting & PFI/UA Labor Meeting – April 8 – 14, 2015 at the Four Seasons Hotel, in Las Vegas, NV

PFI/UA Fall Labor Meeting – September 11 – 15, 2015 at the GreenBrier Resort, White Sulphur Springs, WV

2016 PFI Annual Meeting & PFI/UA Labor Meeting

PFI Annual Meeting & PFI/UA Labor Meeting – April 6 - 13, 2016 – at The Ritz-Carlton, in Sarasota, FL

PFI/UA Fall Labor Meeting – September 9 - 13, 2016 – at The French Lick Springs Hotel, in French Lick, IN


  • Chairman: Michael R. Cables (Kinetic Systems, Fremont, CA)
  • Vice-Chairman and Program & Meeting: Jeff Huggard (Pipe Fabricating & Supply, Woods Cross, UT)
  • Treasurer and Budget Committee Chairman: Tim Monday (Team Industries, Kaukauna, WI)
  • Membership Committee Chairman: Greg Howell (Dixie Mechanical, Inc., Tuscaloosa, AL)
  • Labor Relations Committee Chairman: George Stuller (P1 Group, Inc., Lawrence, KS)
  • Editorial Committee Chairman: Robert Nardei (Nardei Fabricators, Calgary, AB, Canada)
  • Nominating Committee Chairman: Gary Nichols (McAbee Construction, Tuscaloosa, AL)
  • By-Laws Committee Chairman: John Panetti (Team Industries, Kaukauna, WI)
  • Engineering Committee Chairman: Ned Hawkins (W. Soule & Co., Kalamazoo, MI)
  • Industrial Health & Safety Committee Chairman: Don Jackson (W. Soule & Co., Kalamazoo, MI)


  • Mark J. Buss, International Representative, Appleton, WI – Chairman of the United Association Labor Relations Committee
  • Randall Carroll, Gulf Coast Multi-State Pipe Trades Council
  • Roger D. Morgan - Local 630 - West Palm beach, FL
  • Jeffrey P. Knaus – Local 400 – Kaukauna, WI
  • Larry Matychuk – Local 488 – Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Rick Allen, RMDC # 5 – Colorado Springs, CO